Donny Osmond

In this special one-on-one interview with Dr. Phil, entertainer Donny Osmond opens up about the incredible highs and crushing lows of childhood fame and the pressure to be perfect under the glaring lights of show business. Plus, Donny receives a surprise visit and performance from his idol: music legend Stevie Wonder.

The Pressure to be Perfect



Get a glimpse behind the scenes of Donny and Marie's hit Vegas show.

Dr. Phil asks Donny about working and performing with his sister, Marie. “It’s difficult because we’re both Type A,” he says. “You’re going to butt heads. But it doesn’t matter how much we butt heads, when that curtain goes up, it clicks onstage. It gels; it works.”

Donny reveals the first time that he discovered he was famous.

Donny recalls a time, when he was 9 years old, on tour in Sweden, when show business got to be too much. “I just wanted to go home and be a normal kid,” he says.

“Do you connect with that 9-year-old kid now?” Dr. Phil asks. “And what would you say to him today?”

“Appreciate the experiences that you’re going through — because it’s going to make you a tougher man,” he says, choking back tears. “I’m sorry, this is getting to me. Reliving all those moments is tough for me.”

“You have said that you wanted a shoulder to cry on — but there just wasn’t one there—“

“There wasn’t,” Donny says. He says he and Michael Jackson shared a special friendship, confiding in each other about the pressures of young fame. “I never really had my freedom as a child."
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