Unusual Syndromes and Fears

Brett, 24, is an adult baby who admits to wearing diapers, sleeping in a custom-made crib and having his girlfriend, Cat, bathe, change and spoon-feed him. Is this a fetish Brett can grow out of, or is something deeper at play? And, 55-year-old Robin says she’s terrified of riding in cars. What’s at the source of her anxiety?

Baby Brett



Brett joins Dr. Phil onstage and tells him he doesn’t want to change his behavior, only understand it. He says that while some people know the “real Brett,” he realizes after today, everyone will know about his secret lifestyle, and he’s accepted that.

“Are you wearing a diaper now?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I am wearing a diaper now,” Brett answers. “I wear diapers 24/7.”

“And if nature calls, and you have to go, you do it?” Dr. Phil asks. Brett says that he still has minimal control.

He says that he believes the attraction to infantilism started when he was still a child himself and saw his younger sister in a diaper.

Watch a day in the life of Brett as an adult baby.

Brett says that he takes one token of his baby lifestyle into the real world — a pacifier — which he brings to work. “I keep it in my left pocket always,” he says.

He also says he feels a thrill when people see his diaper. “Sometimes, I will go into a store and crouch down so people can see.”
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