Happy, Healthy and Hot for the Holidays

Trying to beat the bulge this holiday season? Cortney refuses to tie the knot until she loses 50 pounds but admits she's failed at every diet she's tried. What is she doing wrong? And, Rhenotha weighs 330 pounds and says she's finally ready to feel healthy. Find out the four stages of readiness a person must confront before they are ready to make a major life change!

P.I.N.K. Foods




“Now, I know we’ve been talking a lot about the exercise components, but I know you all want to know what can you eat, right?”  Dr. Phil says. “Cynthia, one of the things I like about this is that it doesn’t eliminate any food groups, so no one can rebel. You’re going to get to eat virtually everything eventually, right?”

“Exactly,” Cynthia says. “People say, ‘Well, I didn’t follow this diet because I didn’t like this food or that food,’ but there’s really no excuse with P.I.N.K. Method because we include everything. One of the things that’s really powerful [in the program] is what we call the P.I.N.K. Drink.”

Watch as Cynthia shows you how to mix your own P.I.N.K. Drink at home!

“As a nutritionist, can you or can you not eliminate belly fat specifically?” Dr. Phil asks Cynthia.

“Absolutely,” Cynthia says. “There’s an interesting study done by the American Cancer Society — they followed a group of women and found that women who
incorporated 19 or more servings of fruits and veggies a week in their diet lost more belly fat than those who didn’t. So, we took that information and combined it with P.I.N.K. Method, so that you get results where you want it, which, for women, is normally the tummy area.”

Cynthia also explains how to make P.I.N.K. Method’s special Shred Soup, which combines fat-burning olive oil, lentils for fiber, low-fat potatoes, tomatoes packed with vitamin C, onions to promote digestion, and ginger which, increases metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar."

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