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From Homeless to Hollywood

Dr. Phil sits down with Ted Williams, a homeless man with a smooth announcing voice, to talk about the challenges of sudden fame, and the life-long journey that brought him there.

Digging Deeper into a Dark Past


Dr. Phil tells Ted that he read an interview in which Ted said he found God in 2010 and had changed his life around. "But there are people who say as recently as the summer that you were urinating in the grass in front of their business, that they were trying to chase you away and you were cussing at them, that say you were stealing things from cars, and that you were there with your fiancée who was being picked up by other men."

Ted's mouth hangs open in amazement. "That is truly not true," he says. "Fraud, theft, forgery was my m.o. Theft, mainly, because petty theft was the quickest way to get my drugs. If that's surfacing " wow!"


"The manager at National Tire and Battery told cops that you and a woman were refusing to leave the business property, and the police report says they came and talked to you about it, that the cops warned you and your companion that you would be arrested if you returned to the property," Dr. Phil says, reading from his notes.


"True story " now when you said National Tire and Battery. It wasn't me urinating on their property. Taking things, false. Totally false," Ted says.


Dr. Phil reads that the manager of the tire shop says he's aggravated by Ted's newfound fame and maintains that he saw Ted urinating in front of the business.


"He's totally lying," Ted says. "I would have been charged for indecent exposure. I would think I would be charged. There's no record from the Columbus Police Department that I was stripping down to my undershorts in a rainstorm." Ted says he now sees how easy it is to become a victim of gossip.


"I believe you," Dr. Phil says. He tells Ted it's best to come clean about his past, get it all on the table, so he won't have to deal with it later.

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