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Bullied to Death

The headlines are filled with tragic stories of young people taking their own lives after being tormented over their sexuality. Dr. Phil and his panel of experts examine this disturbing trend.

Remembering Tyler Clementi

Dr. Phil probes deeper into Tyler's background. "When you talked to him, did he indicate that he had not come out to his family, he had not come out to his community?" he inquires.
"He did mention that he was not ready and probably would never come out," Blake replies.
"What would have been the impact on you, if someone had done this to you, if they had streamed this video of you with another man before you had come out to your family and friends?"
"It would destroy me. I would isolate myself. I would not want to be seen. When somebody does this to you, it changes the person; it changes your character. Bullying, and outing people and discriminating against homosexuality, it is destroying people in ways that aren't covered in the media," Blake says. Gesturing to the bridge, he says, "This is the reality of what people are doing."
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