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Shattered in an Instant

In the blink of an eye, your life can change forever. Dr. Phil’s guests say they can’t get over the recent Mojave Desert truck accident, when eight people were killed and more than 40 were injured. Dr. Phil explains how to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Teen Coping with Trauma


"When I got the call, I didn't realize how bad the accident was. When I got to the hospital and got to Jakob, there was a girl in there. She was screaming. Then when I saw Jakob, he had his hands over his ears. He said, ‘Mom, I can't hear people dying anymore,'" Jenny recounts. "That's when it hit me how bad it was."
"What bothers me is [my children] saw people they were talking to, and in Heather's case, her age. Here one minute, and passed away the next with horrific physical injuries," Travis says somberly. "For Jakob, in particular, he's only 13. Life and death has only been a video game to him. He keeps thinking, ‘What if my dad died? What if, what if, what if?' I know Jakob is suffering. He wakes up at night, and he vomits. He will be fine, laughing, and the next minute, he starts crying."
"I just worry about what he saw and how it will affect him for the rest of his life," says Jenny. "It just makes me sad that he won't be the same."
Dr. Phil addresses Travis and Jenny. "I want you guys to know that when something like this does happen, [you wonder] will you ever be yourself again? You will be a new version of you. It can be a better version, it can be a wiser version, it can be a stronger version. It doesn't have to be an emotionally crippled version," he says. "This is not something that is going to haunt you for the rest of your life."
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