"Any homosexual who wants to change their orientation can do so with the help of God," says David. He lived a gay lifestyle for over 10 years, seven of which were spent as a male prostitute. "What I was really looking for was my father's love. Homosexual confusion develops usually from trauma, whether it's abuse or neglect. My father was a very cold and severe and distant fellow. All of my attempts to bond with him were not met."

Twenty-five years ago, he went to seminary and began studying scripture. "I quit acting out sexually immediately. I have been out of homosexuality for 25 years now, and I haven't relapsed. I don't have a wife or a girlfriend because I was ordained a priest 10 years ago," he says. "The idea that no one can overcome their gayness simply is not true."


Justin vehemently disagrees with David's position. "I do not believe that gay people can become straight. If they could just pray it away, if it were possible, I would have done it a long time ago," he says. "I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed, and I'm still gay. "

During high school, Justin considered himself straight, but in college, he realized that he was attracted to men.  "After I acknowledged that I was gay, I was so desperate to become straight." He attended ex-gay programs, but felt that they were ineffective. "It makes me furious to hear people tell me that I must have had a bad relationship with my father. I have always had a wonderful relationship with him. I was never sexually molested," he reveals. "I came to accept myself as gay. Through prayer and Bible study, I have a much, much better relationship with God now than when I was trying to become straight. I think that ministries like Dave's are harming more people than they're helping."

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