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Monday - May 2, 2016

"I Am Convinced My Granny is Being Catfished By a Man Who is Posing as a Financial Planner and She Could Go To Jail!”

Barbara admits she has wired money to her online boyfriend, "David Chris Jr.," whom she has never met in person. Barbara says that “David Chris Jr.” claimed to be an overseas financial advisor who assists people with getting government grants, and is currently overseas in Nigeria. She says she can’t wait for him to come home from Nigeria where he’s "stuck dealing with 'business issues.'” Barbara says he has a spacious lakeside home in Michigan and that he said they would live there when he returned home. But, Barbara’s daughters, Kathy and Tracey, and granddaughter, Alicia, say they believe this will never happen. They say “David Chris Jr.” does not exist and Barbara is just being used as a “money mule!” The family gets fired up as they express fears that Barbara could actually face jail time if she continues to wire money for this mystery man, which they fear is illegal activity. And, is “David Chris Jr.” a real person? Who is on the other line when Barbara is talking to her "boyfriend?" Plus, in Part 2 on Tuesday, Dr. Phil digs deeper to discover who is “David Chris Jr.”!


Tuesday - May 3, 2016

The Investigation of “David Chris Jr.” Continues: Is He Really a Catfish?

Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Barbara, who admits she has wired money to her online boyfriend, “David Chris Jr.,” a man she says she met on what she believed was a financial advice website, but has never met in person. Barbara’s daughters and granddaughter allege that she is being used by a "catfish" as a “money mule,” but Barbara says she can’t wait for her boyfriend to come home from Nigeria where he’s "stuck dealing with 'business issues.'” Today, meet the man behind the photo of "David Chris Jr." and hear what he has to say. And, Dr. Phil continues his investigation, including interviewing people and even hired an investigator in Nigeria, to find out answers for Barbara and her family.


Wednesday - May 4, 2016

Guilty of Sexually Assaulting a Patient … Or is He Innocent?

In 2008, Jamison Adsit was working as a safety companion, tasked with ensuring the security and well-being of patients in a hospital in Syracuse, NY. Six months into the job, Jamison says he was accused of something unthinkable -- sexually assaulting a female patient. Days later, Jamison was arrested, charged with and ultimately convicted of committing a criminal sexual act in the second degree. Despite his criminal conviction, Jamison adamantly denies doing anything wrong with his patient and swears he was the one who was attacked! Jamison claims the patient grabbed him by the shirt and pants, and intentionally made contact with his genitals. Jamison’s mother, Heidi, says her 23-year-old son had a girlfriend and a date to get to that night, so why would he touch this woman – who Jamison claims was 45 years old, disheveled, unbathed and homeless. Jamison says he didn’t hesitate to report what happened that night because he had nothing to hide. However, one of Jamison’s co-workers walked in that night and says he thought he’d walked in on a couple having sex but quickly realized it was something far more disturbing. Jamison, who spent five years in jail, maintains his innocence and says he is absolutely convinced he got a bum deal in court and doesn’t deserve to be listed on the sex offender registry.


Thursday - May 5, 2016

Megan’s Men: Who is More Controlling, Her Dad or Her Husband?

Allen says he and his daughter, Megan, were close her entire life until she met her husband, Jim, when she was 18 and Jim was 26. He claims Jim is controlling to the point where Megan no longer has friends, and he claims one of Megan’s close friends told him that she saw Jim drag Megan out of a car by her hair. Allen also claims that Jim has gone out of his way to turn his only daughter against him and that all he wants is for his daughter and grandchildren to be back in his life. Megan says she never imagined cutting her father out of her life, but that she did because of what she and her husband say are Allen’s poor choices. She says she fears for her children’s well-being when they are alone with her father because she claims that even when she would set ground rules with Allen, he would laugh them off and never listened. Megan denies that her husband is controlling and says he has helped her to speak up for herself and become more independent. Jim says he never turned his wife against her father and claims that Allen always wants to play the victim but that in reality, Allen is the one with the problem. Can Dr. Phil help this feuding family come to a truce so that Allen can see his grandkids?


Friday - May 6, 2016

“My Mom is a Party Girl Who Traded in Her Children for The Single Life”

Courtney claims that after her parents divorced six years ago, her mother, Michelle, became an “out of control party girl,” and her dangerous behavior resulted in 2 DUIs and a serious car accident that almost killed her. Courtney says her mother was in the hospital for five months and swore she would never drink again, but Courtney claims that the day after her mother left the hospital, she was right back to her single life of drinking and men -- a claim Michelle denies. Courtney, who claims her mother has very little communication with her or her two brothers and sometimes goes months without seeing or speaking to them, says her greatest fear is that “the next time I see my mom will be at her funeral.” Courtney gave her mother an ultimatum: go see Dr. Phil for help or she will lose her relationship with her children. Michelle says after her divorce from Courtney’s father she felt like her children went on with their lives without her, and says that’s why she turned to friends, dating and drinking. Michelle says she was never a “crazy drinker,” yet admits she doesn’t remember the accident that put her in the hospital. What does Dr. Phil say Michelle must do before it’s too late?




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