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November 30, 2008, 3:52 am CST

12/03 Families under Fire

As far as the first couple is concerned, I was always taught that 'your outgo can't exceed your income' by my mom and dad, and they're obviously right.  IF the wife is spending on credit cards and buying crazy things, there's obviously something more going on and maybe she's trying to make herself feel better (albeit not in the smartest of ways) with retail therapy.  I wonder what she could do if she had a laptop and stuff from her local thrift store that she was selling on eBay, or if she could start her own side business.  I remember on Oprah a long time ago when she suggested starting something small for people who need some particular thing done but don't have the time to do it - like putting people's pics in albums for them.  She could do something like this to take up her time, look at friends' pics and think about more positive things than her health issues, and maybe that would help.  (Oprah does have some good ideas sometimes, haha).  Her husband is probably going crazy, trying to figure out how to keep the farm and retail therapy might be a quick fix for her, but it's really hurting him.


The second couple there is, in my opinion, just plain crazy if this is the guy I remember, the one with no water, mooching off the parents, etc. etc.  How in the world can parents like that expect ANYthing but issues with every aspect of their lives?  They're teaching their children nothing other than what NOT to be.  They have not taught responsibility to their children and the wife is simply cowering to her husband.  She knows what's right and what's wrong even if he really doesn't (and I don't believe that he doesn't know for a minute).  I agree with you 150% on this one Dr Phil: that bonehead needs to get a job bagging groceries or something (depending on where he lives, he might not be able to find a job doing that, or anything else for that matter).  I think the bottom line here is this:  GROW UP.


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