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April 24, 2007, 4:31 pm CDT


    I am the mother of six children, five boys and 1 girl.  My oldest is 26.  I think purity is an issue for everyone, not just girls.  The pressure is on our children from a very early age to "couple up."  And I think parents are the worst culprits.  Two year old babies do not have "boyfriends' or "girlfriends."  But I hear parents talk about it all the time. 
    The idea of encouraging our children to pledge to purity beginning at the age of 11 is absolutely not too young in this day and age!  However, I think it should be a pledge made by parents to their children and children to their parents.  And it should be modelled by parents! I gave each of my children a "purity ring" when they turned 13, but it was a private pledge between me and my children.  I would be afraid that these girls would then become targeted by those with less than "pure" motives.
    The statistics have been in for a long time.  Premarital sex does not lead to good marriages.  A healthy attitude about oneself, support and love of emotionally healthy parents, the support of a positive community like a loving church family, positive activities like sports and community involvement -- these ALL contribute to good, strong marriage. 
    Sexual immorality and infidelity are RAMPANT in our society.  This behavior is not making us stronger and wiser.  It is making us selfish and weak as a country and society.
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September 15, 2007, 6:22 pm CDT

09/21 Does Age Matter?

Quote From: bobingram

My wife, who is 17 years old than I am, have been married 28 years (been together 30) and our marriage is a strong partnership that grows stronger every day.  Just 3 years ago on our 25th anniversary we renewed our vows and had the same wedding party - it was great.  My wife retired 19 years ago, however she has continued to work until the last 3 years.  If she had her way she would keep working.  I have 4 years to go to retirement.  We both look forward to the time we can spent together.  The point is:  We enjoy each other, have fun, do things together ... it is all about caring, trusting, sharing and having fun.  Dr. Phil, neither of us would trade this for anything.  We have 7 kids between us, 14 grandkids, 15 great-grandkids and the family grows each year (well almost).  People commented that the marriage wouldn't last 6 months, but we are still happily married after 28 years.  It really doesn't matter what other people think.  what does matter is what is in your heart and your relationship with your love one.  No one that I know of says anything about our age.  We still get invited to functions.  We are treated as a couple - happily married couple that is.  It just does not matter.
  I totally agree.  "It is all about caring, trusting, sharing and having fun. " And most importantly, respect.
  There is a little over 15 years age difference between my husband and myself.  He is 36 and I am 52.  Most people we meet for the first time would never think that we are not just a couple years apart in age because we are a good match.  We like each other. He thinks I am intelligent, beautiful and hillarious, and I think he is the cleverest man I know.  We have six children between us; including four of mine from a previous marriage. We celebrated 12 years married this summer, and look forward to at least 60 more together.
  We faced some resistance from his mother and grandmother in the beginning (his father had already passed away), and I was initially uncertain, no, even terrified of what was happening.  I did not want to harm our children, his family or our church community with our relationship, so we tried to be very careful how we pursued it in the beginning.
  It comes down to the two individuals and their families and their community.

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