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February 14, 2006, 6:31 am CST

January's problem

Quote From: mrsmazy

OK i wanted to comment on january's problem. She said she's trying to find a way to be attracted to men that aren't that attractive. Well january if you really want to learn. this is what I did. I was told to find one thing maybe two that you like about the person's looks. Once you do that you are able to start being attracted to them. I did this with my  husband. I started by being attracted to his eyes and dimples. And sooner or later I found him to be really cute. The personality really is what matters. you know you've found love when you can be in love with someone before you find them attractive. I'm really glad that my mother gave me this advice. I hope it works for you

I think January's problem is that she is being incredibly shallow, and very materialistic. If she spent half her time getting to know the person rather than worrying about what name brand he's wearing then she could probably find someone .  I know there will be certain things I like about someone, and some things I won't like about someone but,  what they are wearing, and whether it's name brand or not won't be one of them. 


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