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September 15, 2007, 5:00 pm CDT

Does age matter? You bet your bippy!

Hi, Dr Phil, 

My husband (age 74) and I (62) married 15 years ago. We have been happily married MOST of the time, but hey! Guess what? We are married and life intervenes in my idyllic world! On occasion I find myself getting upset because he doesn't hear as well as I do (is that a gender thing?) or because he runs out of steam faster than I do, but then I think to myself, "Are you all so perfect?"

  Younger women who may want a family of their own need to be mindful that if they are thinking about a marriage to an older man, it may not happen; for one reason or another, an older man's libido isn't always on fire. And, depending on the age gap, there can be a generation gap, too. You may love Stevie Wonder, but your husband may just Wonder who Stevie is!

As to the woman who is interested in the 18yr old, she should have her armor on; when he gets past the novelty of the older woman being interested in him, he will more than likely look for someone a lot younger....


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